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Please read the following terms of use carefully, as your use of this website, legally constitutes your consent to be bound by these terms as well as the rights, limitations, obligations, and/or exclusions that may apply to you. 

The following terms of use apply to your use of, visit, and transactions with www.kupiku.com, and all of its related domains, and sub-domains (also referred to as "our website" and/or "this website" throughout this agreement.)

You acknowledge that you consent to being bound by these terms of use, throughout your use of this website (including, but not limited to, browsing the site, utilizing it both online and offline, or using any parts of the site that are the legal and intellectual property of www.kupiku.com, or any holding entities or parties to which www.kupiku.com and its intellectual property is deemed legally owned by.) 


Please refer to our Privacy Agreement, as your use of the site, as outlined in these Terms of Use, also include your consent and agreement to acceptance and full compliance with our Privacy Policy.


Our website, www.kupiku.com, grants you a limited and revocable license, to use and access our website and its content, for the sole purpose of browsing and/or purchasing our products or services (legal to browse, purchase, or own in your jurisdiction), reading and submitting written content, and for other purposes for which the website was originally intended for.  Use of our service to browse, or purchase adult content is a vioaltion of this agreement.  Any other use, including copying, of content, descriptions, product details, whether manually, or via bots, scripts, or other programs, is strictly prohibited, and will be deemed a violation of this agreement, with the possibility of subsequent legal action taken against you.  No part of this website may be exploited, reproduced, or otherwise utilized, for any commercial use, whether direct or indirect, by the party involved in the violation, or any one they may be under contract or service to.

Any use of our trademark, logos, name, or any other identifiable intellectual and proprietary information, without exclusive written consent by www.kupiku.com, is strictly forbidden and will be deemed a violation of applicable laws, as well as this agreement.


Communication (mail) between our website, and you, will take place in electronic format (email).  You consent to receiving communication by email from us, including, but not limited to, emails with details about your order(s), promotions, and occasional messages related to services and products we offer. 

A natural part of electronic communication, and use of internet, and our website, warrants that on occasion, some such communication may be compromised (susceptible to corrupt data, erroneous data being sent, viruses, or other potentially harmful components, interception, delays, or failure to arrive at its intended destination).  You agree to fully relieve this website, and all of its affiliates, sponsors, licensors, staff, owner(s), or associated parties, of any liability that may arise from such instances.  The use of electronic communication (email) between our website, and you, the user, is carried out with the full understanding and agreement by you that any loss caused directly or indirectly as result of this use, will be borne by you, the end user.   

By using our site, you agree to bare sole responsibility for having adequate equipment, resources and software to properly utilize our services.  You agree to relieve us of any responsibility and liability, legal, financial, or otherwise, for any losses incurred by you or those you represent (including, but not limited to, loss of data, re-run time, data corruption, hardware corruption, communication interception, inaccurate data received, financial loss, work loss, or other losses deemed the result of the use of our website), that may be attributed (directly or indirectly) to your use of our site.


The responsibility for maintaining your account, as well as protecting sensitive end-user information about your account (meaning: your password, login details, and related information), is deemed to fall solely on you, the user.  By using this website, you accept responsibility for any and all actions, transactions, content submissions, and other conduct that takes places during any session where your user ID, and password were utilized.  Please take great care to ensure your login information is secure, as by accepting our terms of use, you accept to be responsible for any and all actions carried out while your account is in use by anyone logged in with your account.


As a member of the www.kupiku.com community (as defined by being a registered user), you are granted the limited (revocable) permission to submit content to the site, including (but not limited to), product reviews, suggestions, recommendations, ratings, messages for other users, as long as the content is not hateful or excessively defamatory.  We welcome free speech, and honest, genuine reviews, but do ask for them to be carried out in a respectable manner. You agree not to post any submission to our site that will cause personal loss, financial, or damage to the character, fortune, or well-being of any other person.  You grant www.kupiku.com the irrevocable permission to edit or remove any of your comments or submissions, solely at our discretion.  This action will be extremely rare and isolated, and considered only under exceptional circumstances.  Furthermore, by using our site, you grant us a perpetual and irrevocable license to use, copy, reproduce, adapt, publish the content you submitted on our website, its affiliates, subdomains, or any other entities related to www.kupiku.com.  You furthermore agree that any content you write or submit legally belongs to you, is original in nature, and is not the property of anyone but you.  You agree to relieve of us any legal or financial obligation arising from our use any content found or submitted to the site by yourself, or, any other visitor, member, or user of the site.


All content on www.kupiku.com, and its subdomains and related pages, is the intellectual property of www.kupiku.com, or its content suppliers, or its original copyright owners, and may not be copied, borrowed, shared, downloaded, or in any other way distributed as source originating from our website, without the written consent of www.kupiku.com and its acting agents or directors.  The intellectual property of this website (including website designs, layouts, code, and all other elements that maybe legally and commonly deemed as intellectual property), is protected and government by international copyright laws.  Your use of this website constitutes your agreement to abide by these regulations.  In simpler terms, by using this site, you understand, respect, and elect to uphold our intellectual property rights, and will not use any of the content on our site, without written, legally binding permission from www.kupiku.com.

Aside from the purpose of using our website for its intended purposes, you agree not to download, transmit, copy, mirror, redistribute, commercially exploit, or record, any element of this website, or information and content provided, with the sole exception of promoting our site, products, and services (for example, affiliate marketing).  


If you believe that your copyright has been infringed upon, by www.kupiku.com, please contact us immediately.  We will resolve and remedy the complaint swiftly.  We respect copyright, both from a legal standpoint and a moral one, and should any of our content be deemed to be in breach of copyright, we will take swift and effective action to comply with legal and substantially grounded claims in this regard.


You understand, that www.kupiku.com does not directly sell products to you.  We are a man-in-the-middle service, placing orders on your behalf, for items you instruct us to purchase for you.  We take absolutely no responsibility for the accuracy of the product descriptions, the condition in which they may arrive.  Kupiku.com is a service.  Our service, enables you to place orders on websites, from vendors who otherwise may not serve customers in your region.  Kupiku.com enables you to purchase items from third-party vendors via our service.  In simple terms, you find the product you are looking for, and instruct us to buy it for you, and have the product subsequently sent to your address by our team, once the product reaches us.  We do not inspect the items to ensure compliance with the original seller’s description or presentation (images, and otherwise).  It is your sole responsibility to understand what you are buying, the item’s condition, and the accuracy of the product description.  When you purchase goods or services via our website, you agree to accept the products on an "as-is" basis.  You agree not to hold us liable for any loss, damage, stress, emotional damages, or other personal ailments or losses, whether quantifiable or otherwise, incurred from the receiving of goods or services purchased via our website.  You agree to take sole responsibility for the products you purchase, and all subsequent results that may follow as a direct or indirect result of your transactions with our website.  As the goods you purchase via our service, did not originate from Kupiku.com, we are unable to process returns or refunds on your orders.  All products you purchase via our service, are purchased without any warranties, stated, or otherwise implied, by Kupiku.com.  If the products you purchased have manufacturer’s warranties, those of course will be honored by the manufacturer, provided you qualify for the warranty.  Additionally, we may on occasion (at our sole discretion) select a different offer (for the exact same product) if we feel (among other reasons) the offer you selected may not be best suited for you. For example, on rare occasion, the offer you selected may be cancelled by the seller:  in such a case, we will seek to find the same item (in similar or better condition) from another seller.  Sometimes the offer we find may actually cost more.  In that case, the difference in cost, will not be charged (we will absorb the additional cost, as a courtesy to you).  The same will apply, should we deem it neccessary to select a lower priced offer than one you selected (for example:  if you select an offer at 2000 yen, for an item described by the Japanese vendor to be in poor condition, and our staff sees the exact same offer listed at 1500 yen, in better condition (for example, new).  In such cases, if we feel the similar offer would provide you with a better quality item, we will may select the better offer.  Again, any price discrepancy in such cases will be absorbed by Kupiku.com. 


Our website is provided on an "as-is" basis, with no warranties of any kind as to its performance, availability, content, products, services, editorials, reviews, or any other aspects or elements of our website are given, implied, or otherwise offered. 

In compliance with applicable laws, www.kupiku.com will not be held liable for any damages, quantifiable or otherwise, resulting from the use of our website, or any products, services, or content offered on our website.  By accepting our Terms of Use, and subsequently utilizing our website, you agree not to hold us liable for any loss or damages arising from the use of our website, including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, consequential, or emotional damages. 

10.  LEGAL

Your visit to www.kupiku.com, is governed by the laws of the jurisdiction in which it's servers, and company registration has been enacted. 


We reserve the right to make amends, changes, or any modifications to our website, policies, Terms of Use, or any other regulations under our control that govern your transactions with, and use of, our website.  Should any such new amendments, changes, or modifications be deemed unenforceable, that new said amendment, change, or modification shall be deemed null and void, while the remainder of the terms, including the amendments predecessor shall remain valid, and in force.