Six Essential Tips

Master searching Japanese websites without the use of Japanese language with these six secret hacks.

Find those elusive Japanese items instantly.

We've made it easy to shop Japanese websites directly. But, what good is that if you can't find the Japanese items you're after using our site ? We'll show you a few tricks that experienced buyers (and re-sellers) of Japanese goods have been using for ye

Try these 6 tricks to find virtually any Japanese item:

1 Item Name

Naturally, the most effective way to find a Japanese product, is by using it's name written in Japanese. For example, if you want to find all Final Fantasy released in Japan, find a few if you type "final fantasy" search box. However, you'll find many more, if you would type "ファイナルファンタジー" (Final Fantasy, written in Japanese). If you're searching for Music, Movies, Books, or Video Games- this is especially recommended. Good news is, Kupiku has a new feature that automatically translates your search into Japanese. This system isn't perfect: if know the exact Japanese name of the product you're looking for, we recommend to tum off our search auto-translate feature, and enter your Japanese text.

2 Catalog Number

An easy way to get a direct hit in most cases (especially in categories like CDs, DvDs, Video Games, LaserDiscs, and similar media goods) is to use the item's catalog number. For example, if you're searching for a CD with the catalog number (Pink Floyd's original 1983 Toshiba-EMI Japan first edition of Dark Side of the Moon), just enter type "cp35-3017" into the search box and hit Enter. This works for most items re after 1988 or so, and... occasionally for items released before 1988.

Another great trick, if you're looking for "related" items (for example, al cDs released on a certain series, is to simply select the category (for example in the search back, and then enter the first part of the catalog number. For example, if you'd like to find in the series, type "UIGY-" and click enter. Want to find all CDs released on the Avalon Marquee label? Type "MICY-" or "MICP-" and click Enter.

Or, if you're ready for a more advanced search-try combining keywords. For example, type in "michael jackson esca-" to see all Michael Jackson related CDs, issued by Epic Sony Japan in ther "ESCA-xxxx" series.

Not sure where to find the catalog number?

On most CDs, DVDs, and Video Games, you can find it on the spine (side). Let's say you're looking for the 1986 CD by E.G Daily, titled "Wild Child". Typing "eg daily wild child" into the search, probably wouldn't yield any results for the original original Japanese edition. But try entering the CD’S catalog number (D32Y-3015) and … you’ll find it.

If you use a website like Discogs, you can usually find the catalog number of a Japanese CD in the Label row. In the example below, the catalog number is HYCA-2075. Simply entering "hyca-2075" into our search, will show you all available offers for item currently available in Japan for you.

3 Model Number

If you're searching for a product that has a specific model number (for example, an action figure, or maybe a mobile phone, or even a watch), simply select the category in the search box, type in the model number and are very likely to find the exact model you’re after.

4 Barcode (UPC/EAN/JAN)

Nothing like a direct hit, right? If you know the barcode number of the item you're searching for, simply copy and paste (or type) our search box, and in most cases you'll see only one result: exactly the item or edition you're looking for. Not sure what a barcode (also known as UPC, EAN, or JAN code) is? See the examples below.

On, you'll find the barcode (known as EAN in Japan) here:

On a CD, DVD, or Video game, you can find it here:

5 Label, Manufacturer, Brand

Another effective way to find Japanese products, is to search by their manufacturer, or brand. If searching for music- you might try searching by a particular label. For example, P-Vine, or, Zero Corporation, or Sony. To get the most accurate results, the search should be entered in Japanese. But don't worry, our search will automatically execute your search in Japanese, even if you type it in roman characters. For example, if you type “Zero Corporation”, our system will actually perform a search for: “ゼロコーポレーションー”

You can toggle this feature on/off in the Advanced Search settings shown below.


Similar to the barcode, if you are familair with searching for items on Amazon, you can use the ASIN number to find specific Japanese products on our site.

On, you'll find the ASIN number here: