More Travels[The Best Of The Wildhearts ~ Video Collection]

Starring: Pat Metheny Group

Catalog Number: COBY-91019

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Barcode: 4988001958826

ASIN: B00007E8GJ

Format: DVD, Color

Weight: 141 (g)

Manufactured in: Japan

Category: ポップス


Release date: 2002-12-11

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Manufacturer: Columbia

Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1

Running Time: 70 mins

Discs: 1


  • Opening
  • Have You Heard
  • Last Train Home
  • First Circle
  • After You Going With Me
  • Letter From Home
  • Half Life Of Absolution
  • The Road To You
  • Third Wind
  • Letter From Home (Reprise)


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Meanwhile, around the web


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